What was changed in the last version?



  • discontinued support for Ad-free version due to the Google Play DDA
  • bugfix: webcams refresh button in the actionbar not working


  • bugfixes


  • bugfix: large favorite lists and inability to delete favorites when removed from webcams.travel database
  • Android 2.3 or higher required 
  • Google Play Services required to run Maps
  • Dicontinued support for GTV
  • interstitial ads


  • redesign based on Android Developer Advocates advice
  • improved map search page, Google maps API v2.0


  • Android 2.2 Froyo or higher required 
  • Complete UI redesign, updated to new Android standards
  • Optimized layouts for phone, tablet and Google TV
  • New feature - Webcam time lapse recording
  • Information for users upgrading from version 3.4 or earlier: you can uninstall Worldscope WIdgets now. It's features are integrated in Worldscope Webcams
  • If you want to use webcam recording, wallpaper or homescreen widgets, make sure you install Worldscope to internal memory 
  • Favorites are always automatically reloaded from internet, not cached to SD anymore. You can delete content of /sdcard/kukurin.WorldScope manually
  • Korean localization 


  • new setting - enable/disable updating image on SD card every time a favorite image is refreshed from preview screen
  • fixed: Zoom in image preview. After zoom in, tap once to zoom out to initial size and enable swipe left/right
  • Please refresh your favorites and update Worldscope Widgets too, if you are using it
  • swipe left/right in webcam preview to browse through webcam images
  • mapsearch: hide/unhide thumbnail image
  • UI enhancement for Google TV devices, keyboard media keys (Play opens preview from map, favorites or webcam result lists)
  • refresh action in preview window saves favorite image
  • solved "bad manifest" issue
  • fixed bug: deleting favorite
  • Dutch translation
  • folders and favorite images not visible in Gallery anymore
  • ready for Google TV
  • anonymous usage stats tracking (opt-out possible in settings)
  • problem with favorites fixed (Android OS 2.1 and earlier)
  • move favorite up/down fixed
  • other bugfixes
  • new logo and launcher icon
  • add custom webcam URL to favorite
  • working folder changed to /mnt/sdcard/worldscope_webcams. Please referesh all your favorites
  • tablet-friendly layouts
  • Honeycomb hardware acceleration enabled
  • UI changes
  • integration of ActionBarSherlock library, available under the Apache Licence 2.0
  • further small improvements
  • zoom function in webcam image preview (requires Froyo 2.2). Double tap or multitouch to zoom
  • favorites image preview from SD card first, tap refresh to get actual image
  • faster favorite group/widget refreshing
  • minor UI changes
  • bugfixes
  • another attempt to solve the low image quality bug (please refresh your favorites first!)
  • fit to screen option in settings
  • widget settings (if installed) available through main app
  • bug with low image quality resolved
  • tap on thumbnail in webcam list opens webcam preview
  • video ads removed
  • initial webcam preview set to fill entire screen
  • zoom function temporarelly disabled (will be back soon!)
  • bugfixes
  • Worldscope was split in two applications, both free: Worldscope Webcams and Worldscope Widgets. You need Worldscope Widgets just in case you want to use wallpaper and homescreen widgets features.
  • quickactions toolbar to easily access most used functions-image preview,time-lapse or streaming video (where available), map location etc.
  • faster webcam image preview
  • zoom function
  • move app to SD card fixed
  • backup/restore favoritesfaster webcam image preview
  • minor UI changes
  • wallpaper refresh as a widget again, the same it was in versions before 3.25
  • bugfixes
  • SD card installation made possible (Android 2.2 and later), although we recommend installation on internal storage if you use homescreen widgets or automatic wallpaper refresh . The reason is that homescreen widgets are not available for apps located on external storage, this is a limitation of the Android platform. Next, automatic wallpaper refresh is set to back to manual when external storage goes "offline" - for example, when you connect your Android device to your computer in USB disk mode.
  • if you were using wallpaper refresh widget, change it to wallpaper refresh app shortcut
  • Android OS 1.6 or higher
  • bugfixes
  • fixed: crash in favorites screen on some devices
  • Czech language support
  • fixed: bug in webcam landscape view
  • fixed: icons in webcam preview shown only if video and/or timelapse is available
  • new Mobclix SDK with removed check for the rooted status of the device that was causing some devices to show a warning and fixed a bug with Android OS 1.5
  • official app by webcams.travel
  • reduced number of ad impressions
  • live streaming for many webcams (availability indicated by icon). MJPEG player necessary; we recommend tinyCam Monitor for Android
  • better image quality and more frequent image updates (where available, depends on individual webcam)
  • fix preferred screen orientation in settings
  • possibility to hide widget buttons (settings)
  • Japanese language support
  • fixed layout issues appearing on some devices
  • minor improvements
  • start time-lapse video from webcam info screen (icon is visible where available: only 48 webcams)
  • minor improvements
  • time-lapse video (currently 48 webcams)
  • better Android system integration, geo URI scheme support for finding nearby webcams and hotels
  • weather forecast and current weather conditions
  • bugfixes. I will not repeat this in the changelog anymore :)
  • daylight, live and info button on full screen preview
  • new option to alter favorite thumbnail size in app.settings
  • bugfixes for Android tablets
  • homescreen widgets added
  • minor bugfixes
  • full screen webcam preview is possible again (new option in application settings)
  • minor bugfixes
  • bugfixes
  • user interface completely redesigned
  • to preview a webcam in full screen, tap the thumbnail image
  • enhanced map search capabilities
  • hotels nearby search
  • faster and more stable
  • Italian language support
  • rotating wallpaper bug fixed
  • set group of favorite webcams as a rotating series of wallpaper pictures
  • save webcam image to the picture gallery
  • edit favorites (rename, move up/down, change group)
  • minor UI changes
  • periodically update wallpaper in the background
  • homescreen widget for manual wallpaper update
  • browsing history added
  • increased thumbnail image size for hdpi devices (HTC Desire etc.)
  • location shown in satellite or streetview
  • Russian language support
  • set webcam image as homescreen wallpaper
  • improved: faster loading of webcam image on info screen
  • added "offline" if webcam not updated more than 1 hour ago
  • added webcam location local time in info screen
  • Spanish language support
  • fixed: incorrect location on map
  • MapView issue completely solved
  • android 2.2 install to SD card
  • French language support
  • bugfixes
  • MapView issue solved
  • search by map location or keywords
  • favorites grouping and batch refresh
  • redesigned UI
  • portrait and landscape support
  • enhanced speed and stability
  • free, ad supported

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