About Webcams

Worldscope Webcams is official app by http://webcams.travel, made by http://kukurin.co. Webcam data is pulled from webcams.travel's database, and features over 20 000 webcams from around the world. 

Webcam quality

The webcams offered are worldwide and public; neither Worldscope nor webcams.travel manages them and therefore some are better quality than the others. Sometimes the webcams can be inactive (e.g. for maintainance reasons, deleted, etc) 

Refresh interval

Most webcams provide still images, refreshed at a regular pace (usualy every few tents of minutes). The last time a webcam was refreshed is displayed on your search results.

Video-streaming webcams
Currently, most of the webcams from webcams.travel don't support video streaming and it isn't possible to filter them through map or keyword search. However, on the search results page they're specially marked so you can differentiate them from still webcams. 

To display live video, you will need an external MJPEG-capable player - we recommend tinyCam Monitor for Android http://tinycammonitor.com/

Add new public webcams
If you know a webcam address that you can't find via Worldscope, it can be added through webcams.travel's site http://webcams.travel/add. As soon as it is accepted, it will be available in Worldscope too. 

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