Time-lapse Recording

To take a snapshot of a webcam in different intervals, use time-lapse recording. This allows you to save webcam images during different times of the day and check out what's happening as time passes by.

Setting up time-lapse recording
To set up time-lapse recording, go to a webcam's screen and from the contextual menu (brought up by tapping once on the screen) pick "record time-lapse". Select recording interval from dialog.

Viewing time-lapse recordings

You can look at and manage your time-lapse recordings from the "recorded" tab on Worldscope's main screen. 

Delete selected images

Long tap on the image you want to delete, select additional images and select "delete" symbol from action bar.

Change recording interval, pause or resume recording

Select "Frequency from the menu" and change recordiing settings.

Delete all and cancel recording

Select  "delete all recordings from SD" from main menu,

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