Can you explain various permissions used by Worldscope and why they are needed?


NETWORK COMMUNICATION/FULL INTERNET ACCESS to get webcam information and current images, as well as to serve ads


PHONE CALLS/READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY phone identity (serial number) is used by Worldscope to check validity of the registration key for the ad-free version. It is also required by Mobclix ad exchange to access a unique identifer that some ad networks require to track impressions. See


MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS to be able to save webcam images to SD card and for favorites back-up


PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING restoring favorites or refreshing all favorites can take a long time and you don't want this process to be interrupted by the device going to sleep

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATEandroid.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE

NETWORK COMMUNICATION/VIEW NETWORK STATE, VIEW WI-FI STATE, CHANGE WI-FI STATE to check if the device is connected to Wifi in order to perform network operations and skip them if disconnected


SET WALLPAPER to set webcam image as homescreen wallpaper


AUTOMATICALLY START AT BOOT starts the alarm timer that performs recurring wallpaper or favorite widget refresh functions. No processing intensive tasks are performed at this time.


SEND STICKY BROADCAST To be able to send information to the main app screen, about changes made to favorites or recordings.

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